Pharmacelera participates in the SME Instrument Phase I program

Pharmacelera has been awarded an SME Phase I grant from the European Commission for its MolPredict project. The EU received 2009 requests in the call where Pharmacelera submitted its proposal and it decided to support 257 small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) from 31 countries (a 12.8% acceptance rate) who aim to get their innovations faster…
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Agreement with CNIO for drug discovery in oncology

The Spanish National Research Centre (CNIO) is a Spanish public institution focused on the research, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The CNIO is positioned within the top 10 ranking of research centres dedicated to cancer research worldwide (Scimago; Nature Index) and covers the whole R+D+I process, from basic up to clinical research to translate their…
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How computational chemistry tools can help drug repurposing?

For most of the past decade, the number of drugs approved every year per dollar spent on R&D has remained flat or decreased. The expenses for a newly approved drug will reach unexpected values over the next few years if this trend continues. (see What’s Eroom’s Law?) (1). Could the re-use of old drugs for…
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