Who are we?

Pharmacelera is a dynamic and innovative company that provides hardware and software solutions for computer-aided drug design, with products like PharmScreen and PharmQSAR. The products developed by Pharmacelera break the trade-off between accuracy and time (computational costs) in early stages of drug discovery by developing novel and precise molecular models and by using hardware accelerators to execute these models efficiently. The company is formed by a cross-disciplinary team of professionals with an outstanding professional track in their respective fields. Pharmacelera is strongly committed to innovation in order to create an attractive set of products and technologies that can help the pharma industry finding better candidate molecules. Our customers include R&D departments of pharmaceutical companies, Contract Research Organizations (CRO) and small biotech companies.

We are currently collaborating with the Computational Biology & Drug Design Group from the University of Barcelona in order to find novel and more accurate models for computer-aided drug design software.